Competition Rules:
1. Only paid members of the Madison Gem and Mineral Club may enter, personally working or fabricating the material unless otherwise designated.
2. No prior-winning competition items eligible.
3. Read the competition requirements carefully. Only one entry per month, but item may be entered in other months if it qualifies (non-previous winner).
4. No highly radioactive specimens should be brought to the Competition or for Show-and-Tell.

Unless specifically instructed, the specimens for the Competitions described below can be self-collected or purchased or given to you by somebody else. 

It will be nice if you tell us something about the specimens that you are entering in the competition. Please write a couple of sentences on an index card (or similar small sized piece of paper) so we can learn something about it. We might also try to write articles for the Agateer highlighting winning entries.

Competition Schedule 2019
All members are urged to bring specimens for the monthly competition. Questions may be directed to Carlos Peralta,
at 608-509-2836. Cash awards: 1st place $10; 2nd place $5. Unless specifically instructed, the specimens for the
Competitions described below can be self-collected, or purchased, or given to you by somebody else.
Please make sure to write a short description (including the name of the specimen) on a 3 X 5 card or similar.

May 2019. Rocks with memories.
Perhaps you have a specimen in your collection that has a non-geological story to tell. Perhaps it used to belong to a
famous collector, or to a Museum. Perhaps it was involved in a historical event. Perhaps it came from a now closed
mine, etc. Please write a brief description on a standard index card with a few highlights from the specimen’s

June 2019. Natives
Bring any specimen of a native mineral (Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Mercury, etc.) Just in case, almost all the
specimens sold as "Bismuth" are real bismuth but they are not native. These colorful and pretty specimens are
synthesized. They would not qualify. By the way, there are real native bismuth crystals and lumps (they look silvery
and their shapes are not as elaborate as the shapes of the synthetic ones).

July 2019. Celebration of Twins
Did you know August 8 is National Twin Day? Bring two specimens, slabs, or cabs that are sisters or just look better
when shown side-by-side. They might have interesting and complementing patterns or colors. Twinned crystals are
eligible too!

Competition Results from April 2019: Rough, Cut and Finished
1st Place: Tiger Eye (Karl) 2nd Place: Agatized Wood (Bernie Franke).