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Oldest spearpoints, or error in dating?

Tracking coprostanol, a by-product of the digestion of cholesterol

Greek cave may have inspired Hades myths.

Much detail about various Rhino's fossilized in various volcanic eruptions.

Trying to reconstruct a new dinosaur.

Fossil ciliate found in fossilized leach cocoon.

New way to protect limestone buildings.

Prof looking for some large volcanic rocks mislaid in Wausau area for Mead volcanic display.

4 winged dino crow had good flight control.

Great fossils along Alabama River.

Biggest ammonite fossil mold yet found.

Horner not giving up on creating dinosaurs from chickens.

Perspectives on earthquake geologists convicted of manslaughter in Italy.

Amazing ocean sediment bacteria conduct electricity to aid respiration.

Salton Sea volcanoes not very old at all and starting to smell.

Vast number of fossilized turtles found in China.

Meteor preserve in Poland produces large iron meteorite

Legend of a whole planet made of diamonds.

What had 1400 elaborate teeth and lived 65 million years ago.

Ancient spider and wasp trapped in resin.

Amazing photos of rivers in iceland volcanic area.

Spending $1 billion to drill to mantle.

Monogenetic volcanoes only erupt once

Dinosaur likened to a 2 legged porcupine with a parrot beak rediscovered.

A 1,000-year-old ancient Buddhist statue which was first recovered by a Nazi expedition in 1938 has been analyzed by scientists and has been found to be carved from a meteorite.

New fossil site found in Burgess shale. 

Photo of checking Burgessshale on mountainside.

Claim of massive numbers of diamonds created by meteor impact.

Drought could be worse and spur fire devils.

Fungi put an end to coal formation?

Giant viruses an ignored branch of life?

Beautiful roman mosaics found in Turkey.

Some cambrian oddities lived longer than previously thought.

300,000 year old spears found in brown coal mine.

Evolution of insect metamorphosis

More kinds of rock "berries" found on Mars.

Green rust a rare form of iron has interesting properties.

They said it couldn't be found: elemental flourine. It has been found and it stinks.

Minimoons that visit earth and possibly orbit a while.
Display of giant snake that lived 58 millon years ago.

Prehistoric Lobsters Made Homes of Ancient Ammonoid Shells

How moon came to keep mottled side always in view from earth.

Fleas as big as 3/4 inch plagued dinosaurs.