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May is Archeology Month in Wisconsin. Also please see Volunteer Opportunities for another highlighted event.

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Date: 5/1/2010 to 5/8/2010 weekdays 1-4, saturday's 9:30-4:00 E-mail: Phone: 414-405-4367

The Prehistory of Dodge County, Wisconsin

This event is an open house for a new archaeology exhibit based on the artifacts of William E. Snyder of Beaver Dam, WI. The collection is housed at the Dodge County Historical Society. The exhibit will highlight Dodge County prehistory from the PaleoIndian Period through the Late Woodland Period (12,000 BC-AD 1250.) Artifacts on display will include projectile points, prehistoric Woodland period pottery, and prehistoric stone ground tools. There are also displays on Dodge County Effigy Mound Culture and a Nitschke Mound Group excavation photo exhibit. There is a reconstructed wigwam and birch bark tipi and various artifacts from Beaver Dam's historic Native American collection. Other exhibit highlights include the Harold Hempel rock and mineral collection which was recognized by the University of Wisconsin's Geology Department as one of the finest collections of its type in the United States. Hempel Agates

Dodge County Historical Society

105 Park Ave.

Beaver Dam


Minnesota Archeology Week May 8 - 16, 2010

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