August 2010 Chicago Field Museum Trip

Post date: Sep 21, 2010 3:17:50 PM

Twenty-six club members, guests, and visitors visited

the Field Museum in Chicago on August 28. We were

treated to viewing and inspecting the largest and best

preserved T. Rex fossil ever discovered. The skull is so

massive (600 lbs) that it can’t even be displayed atop

the rest of the nearly-complete skeleton. It is kept in a

separate display on its own substantial pedestal. The

skull on the remainder of Sue is a cast.

Our group

admission also got us into a 3D movie about Sue and,

most importantly, to the special exhibit on Mammoths

and Mastodons. Many of us were surprised to learn

that there were a great number of sub-species of these

enormous animals and that two isolated groups of them

were alive until only 3700 years ago.

Many of us spent the remainder of our time at the

museum in and around the geology exhibits and the

Grainger Hall of Gems, where many very special

specimens, precious metals (worked and rough), and

superbly faceted gems reside.

Traffic was reasonable,

coming and going; the trip seemed to go off without a

hitch; and a good and educational time was had by all.

(Alan Vonderohe)